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Dr. Jacob Dagan
Dr. Dagan has more than twenty five years of experience as a BioTech executive, in management, operations, sales and finance with track record 
generating high multiple growth of BioTechnology public and private companies in the US and Israel. Proven success in healthcare management, corporate and product development (in the US and Israel as well).  Combines extensive experience in operations, marketing, sales and Business Development with a strong biomedical scientific skills in Devices and the BioPharma fields, with start-ups and public companies in the US and Israel. He is familiar with dealings in the different ministries of Health and Defense in Israel and knows senior officials in those offices.
From 2005 to 2010 partner in ProMed Capital, LLC, an investment organization funding Israeli medical device start ups, invested in five companies, and involved in starting six more in the Medical Device arena. In each company hands on involvement, as an active manager, board member or chairman of the board. Member on the Board of Governors, of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Founded and held the position of Director of BioMedical Engineering of the Sheeba Medical Center the largest hospital in Israel and Associate Professor of Bio-Medical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. During the six years in this position acted as senior advisor to the Minister of Health Eliezer Shustak on bio-medical technologies, responsible for medical equipment approvals to the Ministry's acquisition committee purchasing more than 0ne hundred million dollars of medical equipment.
For seven years held senior management positions with Sharplan Lasers, developing the field of applications of Lasers in Medicine. Dr. Dagan has been Involved in fund raising and strategy consulting to Bio-Medical, Bio-Technology companies and on the Board or in operating responsibilities of several start-ups, including Biofield Corp. (CEO), Heart-Guard, Inc (Founder & CEO)., MED, Inc. (President), Cardiac Telecom, Inc., (COB), Telemedicine General, Inc. (Director), American Blood Bank, Inc. (COO), E&C Medical, Inc.(VP Sales &Marketing), Yesum-Hebrew University (USA Representative), Bergen Medical imaging, (CEO) HDH Medical Ltd. (Active COB), EndoGun Ltd. (Director), Althera Ltd. (Director), Nicast Ltd. Active COB, Nobesity, Ltd. (Founder , COB), Chronic Wound Care, Ltd (Founder Director), and Medical Service Options, Inc. (Founder and CEO). 2001-2014 responsible for Life Science investments at Migdal Capital Markets- Underwriting and Business Initiative Company, During 2013 Chairman of the Board of Allium Medical, Ltd a TASE public, taking this company through a public offering on TASE. Founder & COB of Rapid Orthodontics Plus, Inc. During 2014 founded Omeda Ltd. and Flexi Floss Ltd. and acts as their COB. Founder and CEO of Continental Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc. (2014) CEO. Engaged in Pharma marketing and sales. 
Dr. Dagan received his Doctorate from Columbia University where his research focused on Nuclear Medicine applications in Cardiology. An MSc in Nuclear Sciences from the Technion. And a B.Sc. in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering from the Technion, Israel Inst. of Technology.