Alfa Rhythm Ltd - Products
Alfa Rhythm Ltd devices aim to help people to master their brain waves according to their need and will.

The current devices are an electronic apparatus designed to emit a range of electric pulses, characterized by a user-established frequency, stimulating the brain to imitate the current frequency at work. When compared to standard known trans-cranial magnetic stimulation devices, substantial advantages merit it being a multi-purpose self-operated revolutionary approach for mental stimulation. Alongside psychological and wellness oriented issues such as depression, sleepless and lack of concentration , results of tests conducted to date display increased mental function and creativity provides the user with alertness, a sense of tranquility and mental sharpness, aimed at enhancing complex problem solving abilities characterizing dynamic environments. Research-based results involving EEG measurements support optimal cerebral stimulation though use of Delta, theta, alpha and beta wave frequencies, comprising a range of 3-23 Hz, activated with very soft and safe voltage(3 volt bettery) enabling the brain to sustain level of prowess up to hours after actual stimulation has ceased.
Ease of autonomous-use, compact devices involving immediate attaching to forehead, and non-hazardous prolonged continuous stimulation.