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Dr. Oren Fuerst
Dr. Oren Fuerst is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and inventor, focused on digital health initiatives. Chairman of Strategic Models/ Fuerst Technologies, a New York-based ideas nurturing and advisory boutique, and the co-founder of multiple technology companies.The health companies he co-founded in recent years: Medivizor, a personalized health information company; Eco-Fusion, a digital medicines company;Dario Health(NASDAQ:DRIO),a diabetes management company (creator of the Dario device); CircMedTech, an HIV prevention medical devices company (creator of the PrePex device); Natural Shield, a botanical drugs company focused on diabetes and Fatty Liver/NASH; MediRisk, automated insurance underwriting based on medical information and MAWI (stealth), an information service for the cannabis industry. He also co-founded Tevel, a global network of investors focused on Israeli-related technology companies. He was the initiator and co-Director of the Technology Valuation Executive Program at Columbia Business School, and served as a faculty member at Yale University School of Management and Yale International Center for Finance.  He had published multiple academic papers and popular press articles in newspapers such as the Financial Times and published multiple books with publishers including Prentice Hall.

Dr. Fuerst had advised multiple private and public corporates on a variety of issues including strategy, technology assessment, valuation and intellectual property. He had invented (holds multiple granted patents) and commercialized health technologies with companies including Becton Dickinson (NYSE:BDX). Dr. Fuerst is also involved in numerous not for profit organizations, including serving on the boards of the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center and Global Imagine. He is a mentor at the Microsoft Ventures and Israel Brain Technology Accelerators. Dr. Fuerst holds a Ph.D. from Columbia Business School. He holds a dual bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University (Dual Magna Cum Laude) in Accounting and Economics. He was a commander at an Elite technology Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.